Referral Platform

You are about to generate hundreds of more referrals by harnessing the power of Tier 4 Marketing!

Marketing for dealerships happens in Tiers and up until now their has never been a legitimate and simple way to generate Tier 4 Marketing... Until now!

Tier 1 Marketing is done by the manufacturer to promote it's products to the marketplace. Tier 2 Marketing takes that marketing message from a national level to a zone, area, or district. Tier 3 Marketing is what the individual dealers do to separate themselves from all the other dealers in their market. And now this is where Tier 4 Marketing allows an individual sales person to personally brand, promote and market themselves to generate their OWN TRAFFIC!

The EZ Referral Network is a personalized web-based system that makes it very easy for you to create more referrals out of each and every one of the individuals you come into contact with. Dealerships and sales people can use the EZ Referral Network to quickly and easily build up their network of referral agents, track their referrals from those agents and make sure those agents are getting paid so they will keep sending people to see you.

The consumers will finally feel that they truly have a friend in the business they can rely on to make the car buying process easier -  that's you. 

The whole experience is made simpler and easier than ever before to generate, track, and reward your referrals!

Welcome to the EZ Referral Network, an included part of the TNT program. We know everyone wants to have a trusted friend in the car business and now they will have one through you.
There’s not an easier to use tool than the EZ Referral Network that helps you stay connected to YOUR friends, family, acquaintances, and contacts in your network. You will become everyone's friend in the car business as you grow your referral network the way!

EZ Referral Network
The EZ Referral Network lets you easily:
  1. Log in to your website or mobile site.
  2. Set up hundreds of "Referral Agents" who will be sending you referrals.
  3. Referral Agents can easily enter their referral's contact information. Their information is sent directly to your dealership and to you their new salesperson.
  4. Track the number of  Referral Agents you have developed.
  5. Track the status of your referral fees.
  6. Your referrals can get paid in one of three ways:
    1. Electronically via a custom debit card.
    2. Kept on account at the dealership for use for future parts, service or sales.
    3. Donate the money toward their favorite charity!